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Recreational Financing is an area that Canadian Automotive Reality Financial Inc. strives in.

We offer multiple programs, from conventional prime programs to a subprime program’s exclusive to us. All of our programs are completely open loans, and can be paid out at any time without any interest penalty.

Standard Recreational Financing

For most of our clients with average to above average credit, we offer a prime rate program that is flexible to their needs and wants. Terms of up to 25 years, determined on the amount to finance. Without a year restriction.

Non-Prime Program

On our Non-Prime program we are able to offer terms up to 5 years, with competitive rates. We still do not have any year restriction on this program. This program is built to assist our customer that have less then perfect credit, and is a stepping stone to getting them back into our prime rate programs.

Deferral Program

We currently offer a Deferral Program on our Recreational Financing for up to 1 year. Most Deferral Programs are only available to Prime customer, but we have made it available to most of our Non-Prime customers as well for a shorter deferral.