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New and Used Commercial Truck Leasing is a specialized lending product that Canadian Automotive Reality Financial Inc. has been offering our customer since 2005.

Commercial Lease Benefits

One of the biggest benefits to commercial leasing is the cash that becomes available for your business. A significant smaller upfront investment is required when you decide to lease rather than own your fleet. A well-written lease agreement reduces fleet costs to a monthly operating expense, while keeping credit lines clear and cash on hand to re-invest into the company. The money that would have gone into buying and maintaining a fleet can be used to grow the core business.

Thinking Outside the Box

Most standard lenders will only lease current model year vehicles. We have the availability to lease up to 4 model years old and terms up to 5 years in length.

Where to Start

Each lease terms and residuals are calculated on a deal by deal basis. One of our Business Managers will be happy to book an appointment to review all of your leasing options.