CARF proudly offers the iSAVE LOAN program to help customers move forward to a better financial future.

WHY Credit scores matter:

Your credit (Beacon) score is a number that strongly predicts how likely you are to pay back debt based on your past borrowing behavior. Potential lenders frequently rely on your credit score to determine whether you are a good credit risk.

Unfortunately, a low score can be detrimental to you and your lifestyle in more ways than you think. Some employers and landlords may even use the score as a representation of your level of accountability.

CARF’s iSAVE LOAN gives you the unique opportunity to demonstrate good credit practices through managed auto-withdrawals from your account, proving your ability to fulfill a structured payment obligation. Each month, these ‘on time’ payments are reported to the credit bureau and those reports positively impact your credit score.

Improving your Beacon score will increase your chances to get an approval for various types of loans and lower your borrowing costs because you are reducing your credit risk level.

Best of all, the reported payments you make are actually payments to yourself—the iSAVE part of your loan.


Where does your
credit stand?

800 and up Excellent
700-800 Good
650-699 Average
600-649 Poor
599 and below Very Poor

Our program works to improve your score regardless of your current score. Imagine repairing your credit from ‘Very Poor’ to ‘Good’ In less than 2 years!

Revive yourself,
Manifest your dreams,
Realize your worth.

Have you been trying to repair your situation for years with little to no success?

How do you repair your credit with limited or no access to credit? Poor credit deprives you of an essential tool to realizing your big dreams.

CARF’S iSAVE LOAN is here to help you bridge the credit gap. Our unique approach empowers you to repair your credit and increase your rating at the same time. We help our clients repair credit and achieve their goals through action planning paired with expert guidance.

Having a high credit score could give you more negotiating power. Your borrowing capacity can increase significantly when you prove to creditors that you’re responsible and can handle more credit.

You could end up saving a large amount of money!

Benefits of building
credit / savings

• Good credit qualifies you for car loans, personal loans and mortgages
• Save money by getting loans at lower interest rates
• Easily pass credit checks conducted by landlords and employers
• Go on vacation with your savings
• Mini shopping spree
• Use loan funds for a down payment on a car or house
• Relieve your credit anxiety and stress

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CARF makes it easy…

• 100% credit approval-bankruptcy / consumer proposal / collections / new to Canada / no credit history
• No upfront fees
• Your semi-monthly payments reported monthly to
credit bureau as on-time loan payments
• Payments can be made semi-monthly or monthly


$1000.00 24 months
$2500.00 30 months
$4000.00 36 months
$5000.00 40 months

Disclaimer: Outcome not guaranteed because of factors beyond the control of the iSAVE LOAN program, such as missed payments, legal action, fraud and or other issues that may occur.

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