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  • What else can I say, but thank-you. All the best to Anna and the rest of the team. Sincerely,

    Wawa Ontario
  • I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience in dealing with Samantha yesterday afternoon. Samantha has an amazing ability in dealing with customers. She is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. It was truly a pleasure to speak with her today. I hope you recognize what an asset you have with her in your employ. Samantha ensured that she followed through immediately with the promise of a reminder email of all documentation that was needed in order to proceed with our meeting tomorrow morning. To be honest, I was having a rough day and she managed to turn it around just with her bubbly personality and kindness. If ever there was an opportunity to recommend your company to someone else, it is because of her actions today that I would recommend carfii.

    Donna Poser
  • This company is very professional!! Everyone that I have dealt with was very thorough and courteous. They maintain a good rapport with their clients especially with the follow up call that they do. I received nothing but excellent customer service and they do what ever they can to satisfy their clients. Job Well Done Carfii! Thank You

    Natasha J
  • Carfii is a very professional company. they helped me to get the car I was looking for and I am really thankful to them. Especially Dimitri & Samantha took good care of me in answering all my questions and a very good follow up too.

    Emad Minhas
  • We are automotive dealers and have dealt with many lenders in the past and Carfii team's level of professionalism is second to none in the industry. Jeff who we initially dealt with is personable, courteous and understanding to our and similarly our client's needs. When we have clients looking for auto loans we do not even think twice about sending them to other lending firms. THANKS TO EVERYONE, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  • I would highly recommend financing a car thru Canadian Automotive. I would like to thank Marina for all help that she provided me with financing my new car. Great service!!

    Susan Yacoub
  • Canadian Automative is probably the best finance company out there. I was always skeptic about financing companies but Josie and her team made me realized that there’s actually people out there that cares about their customers. I have a bad credit and I always wanted to own a car. I’ve been working on my credit and trying to improve my credit rating and so far this is the only company that cared enough and gave me a chance to own a car. Every single day they call me to make sure that everything is okay and update me with the status of my application. Before I picked up my car Marina called me to let her know if everything went well and call her as soon as I have the vehicle. No other companies do that. They usually they just leave you after but they didn’t. It shows how much dedication the company have with their clients. Overall, Canadian Automotive gives you the best customer service out there.

    Denis Edel
  • Great service that led to a smooth purchase. Thanks for your professionalism and look forward to using your services again in the future.

    Wayde Simpson
  • Last spring I bought my first bike in twenty years through Shannon,they meaning Shannon and his staff were as excited about the sale as I was about the purchase. 2 weeks ago I traded in the 2008 Honda VTX 1300 and purchased a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000.Shannon and his staff once again showed me nothing but professionalism, they are a real class act. Thanks again to Shannon and his staff.

    Doug Dunec
  • I have been dealing with Canadian Automotive Realty Financial Inc.(CARFI) for a few years now and have always had phenomenal service and felt I was in good hands. I recently was contacted by them and advised of the possibility that I was eligible to refinance my loan for a much better rate. After speaking with them and confirming my interest in doing so, I was approved for a significantly lower rate. Not only were they able to have my interest rate lowered significantly, I am now also driving a newer and better vehicle of my choice. All was said and done with ease and little effort on my part. The people at CARFI took care of everything and had me approved and in a new vehicle in no time. Above everything else, I am extremely pleased that they took the time and effort to continue monitoring my matters with them to ensure I had the best rate possible. When noticing that I wasn’t, they took the initiative to advise me of same and ask if I was interested in obtaining a lower rate. Not many companies would actually do this. Most just sell you a vehicle or approve your financing and then leave it at that. They are on the ball and take the time to ensure you are always receiving the best. If you are looking to refinance, or purchase a vehicle etc. I would highly recommend CARFI.

    Nicole Farrugia
  • Extremely courteous and friendly, and always helpful with my questions. I would definitely recommend this service!! A Special Thank you to Marina! You were a fantastic help and always a pleasure to correspond with.

    Kevin Grice
  • Very well treated by everyone. All the times i had a doubt and called, was always someone ready to help me. That’s the way! Keep doing like this.

    Steven Tavares
  • Marina Roudak, I want to send the BIGGEST THANK YOU for getting that financing through!!!! You may not have the slightest idea how happy we are. GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooo awesome that you made this happen the way you did. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Thanks again!!!! SO much appreciated!!! BTW: You may not have been told today and I will be the one to say it You Are The Best Take care and have a fantastic day!!!

    Jennifer Cutting
  • A year ago, I purchased a Trialblazer through CARF. Anna told me to stick with my purchase for a year, and I may be eligible to refinance. Not only was I able to refinance what I had, I was also given the option to purchase a newer car. At the end of the day, I got exactly what I want (2010 mustang). Anna is a goddess. She went above and beyond what was expected of her. Very friendly staff and I’ll recommend family and friends to finance with CARF. Thanks a bunch Anna 😉

    Stewart Mitchell
  • I bought a 2007 Infiniti G35 in December. CARF is amazing; they were perfect on all points. Car choice, financing with the lowest rates possible and the overall experience!! Shannon, Anna and Marina are awesome!! I will be referring all my friends and co-workers. If you want the whole package than CARF is it, so stop looking NOW!! I love my car.

    Justine Sawler
  • I want to thank Anna for her wonderful help and service. I have never been made to feel so special and cared for. It maybe seems strange to talk that way about getting a car loan, but it’s true. Last year I was in a position of needing another car as the one I had was on its last legs. I was not able to get a loan anywhere, but the people at CARFI were able to make it work for me and I had wheels again. Then this year Anna called me and told me she could help me arrange refinancing at a lower interest rate. When I went to see her I was astounded at what she was able to do for me. I almost fell off my chair. So now I’m driving an even better car, one that I’d been wanting to have for years but which had been out of my reach. Thanks to Anna and the team. You made my day for sure!

    Petra Schultze
  • O.M.G is all that I can say! The experience with Shannon Milo and his team was simply phenomenal. I had just been involved in an accident and my car had been written off. I was more distraught, disorganized and depressed than I had seen myself in a very long time. Right from the get go, the professionalism and sense of urgency and sincere care with which they exhibited was second to none. From the unbelievable approval in as little as 45 mins. My experience with them felt like they were more of a family than just workers. They go the extra mile to get you what you want and ensure you are satisfied. In the end all I could do was shed a tear in appreciation and joy for the unbelievable and remarkable service I received. If there is any other company that I would work with, it defintely would be Carfii. My sincerest thanks to Shannon, Marina and Anna for their undying love, help and support in helping me make this come back on the road a reality.

    Nii M. Adjei
  • CARFII is the best. It is the only place that can work miracles. My first experience was when my credit situation was in bad shape, and Shannon helped me get my car, and got the best possible payment plan that I could handle. This helped me rebuilt my credit to a satisfactory state. Then recently I was in the market for a new car again and ANNA P helped me get approve at the best possible rates she could and with an unbelievable payment plan. This didn’t stop there, no my friends; she went above and beyond to fight for even more and to my surprise after hours to make sure I ended up with my dream car, and with something I can handle. They are a team of individuals that are more like a family that really cares and tries to do all they can to make me happy. Words cannot do justice as to how they are, and how much they care. You need to go see them and speak to them. I can say they will try their hardest to find something suitable for you!!! THANKS to ANNA and the CARFII team.

    Derwyn Wright
  • In a word - Awesome. I was looking to get a new bike and was shot down from the bank because of some bruised credit. Shannon and his team did their magic on the spot along with a rate that was great.

    Ken Connell
  • Hi Monica. Just wanted to let you know we though you were great. Thank you for all your effort on our behalf. And to Shannon, we just want to let you know how much we appreciate all the time and help had given to us. You were a pleasure to deal with and really went out of your way to get us sorted out. Thank you so much.

    Ivy and Denis
  • Ayeza was a pleasure to work with.  A++ service.

    Eric Moran
  • I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with the services of VOS Motors. Anna was very amazing, personal and outstanding by delivering the 2015 Chrysler 300 C I always wanted. With her being upfront with me on the do's and don’ts I've got everything I ask for in the car and so much more. Now am so happy with the service that was delivered to me I would recommend all my friends and family to Vos motors, Excellent service, top of the line professionalism, am satisfied and very happy.

    Patrick Reece
  • Working with Mark was great he went over all the paperwork quickly and thoroughly and answered any questions we had. He went over everything twice. We would definitely deal with him again.  

    David Klassen
  • Thanks to Shannon and Inna from Canadian Automotive Reality for helping out when I did not fit into the mold of the big 5 banks. Not many trust you as a starting small business despite good credit history. Shannon and Inna took the time to get me approved within very short time. Inna was outstanding in coordinating and making sure all details and information got to where they were needed. I will certainly finance through Carfii again and will recommend this amazing customer focused company to friends, family and beyond.

    Achim Mohssen-Beyk