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Some of the most attractive vehicle lease deals have dried up, especially since the automakers began offering zero percent and low rate financing to entice buyers.

Although this is happening, leasing remains an attractive alternative to buying a new or used vehicle for many motorists. Half of all luxury cars are still leased today, and more than 20 percent of vehicles in general are being leased..

Benefits to Leasing

Canadian Automotive Reality Financial Inc gives the customer the opportunity to lease a new or used vehicle that is almost always under warranty and seldom needs more than routine maintenance. Leasing a vehicle through our program also allows our customer to often get a larger, more luxurious, better equipped car. This is because you are paying the amount by which a vehicle loses its value over the term of the lease and not paying for the whole car.

Reading the Fine Print

Our Business Managers will review all of the options with every one of our customers. Many leases have a lot of fine print and all All of our leasing programs are fully disclosed to our consumers. We make sure to go through everything so there are no surprises.

Guaranteed Residual Value’s

All of our leasing programs are based on a customer guaranteed residual value. This allows us to keep our interest rates as low as possible, and be flexible with the lease terms to minimize any costs to the consumer.