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We at Canadian Automotive Reality Financial Inc. have always looked for Specialize Financing programs for our customers that we can exclusively offer through our programs.

Which is why we come out with innovative programs that can assist all of our customers. Not just the ones with good or bad credit.

Guaranteed Approval Program

Many customer with less then perfect credit need a second chance in rebuilding their credit. We are pleased to offer our Guaranteed Approval Program(GAP) which as long as the customer and vehicle requested falls between the program guidelines, the customer is virtually approved.

Anything Program

Too many conditions are placed on automotive loans. We have removed those conditions for most of our customers. To customer who qualify, we have a program that allows them to finance Any Make, Any Model, Any Km’s, Any Condition, or Any Year, without prejudice. For terms of up to 5 years. This allows the flexibility for a customer who wishes to purchase an older or classic model and financing it for a longer term.